February 21, 2023

Understanding the Basics of Architectural Watercolor Rendering

“Understanding the Basics of Architectural Watercolor Rendering” ICAA WMA Zoom event, presented by noted artist Darius Vaziri

Tuesday, February 21st – 2pm – 3pm via Zoom with Q&A

This one-hour presentation will give you basic insights into how a professional Architectural Watercolorist approaches and carries out the fundamentals of an architectural rendering.  From choice of paper, paints and brushes, to preparation of the surface, creation of the line drawing background, and applying washes of color to achieve a beautiful composition that conveys architectural intent, Dariush will lead you through the process he uses to create informative and beautiful renderings of works of architecture.

Dariush Vaziri founded Dariush Watercolors in 1985. His artful, watercolor illustrations have been an essential tool for architects, developers and interior designers to win competitions and clients’ hearts. His skills come particularly handy during design development stages when ideas need to be conveyed without committing to precise computer imagery. He is fast, flexible and a joy to work with…so he’s been told!

For more information please contact Gina Martin at gmartin@aimmedia.com.

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