June 19, 2021

Sketching at Georgetown University, June 19th

Event Time:
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Event Location:
Healy Hall Lawn
O Street NW & 37th Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Meet for coffee at 10:00 AM Saxbys, 3500 O St NW, Washington, DC 20007.

RSVP to Timothy.Farina@dmsas.com

The L’Enfants are pleased to invite you sketching on the morning of June 19th at Historic Campus of Georgetown University. Our focus will be Healy Hall, a Victorian Gothic/Romanesque edifice designed in 1887 by Smithmeyer and Pelz, the Architects who would later go on to design the Library of Congress. Resplendent in ornament and carved details, the building is sure to offer something for everyone’s interest. Meet for coffee at 10am Saxbys, 3500 O St NW, Washington, DC 20007.