March 25, 2023

Measured Drawing: Documenting DC at Catholic University

Measured Drawing: Documenting DC at Catholic University

Saturday, March 25th – 11am – 3pm

Crough Hall, School of Architecture & Planning at The Catholic University of America – Locraft room for class introduction. Outside measuring on or near campus (McMahon Hall or Franciscan Monastery).

620 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC, 20064

This 1-session measuring and drawing course will occur on one of the main university campuses in our Nations’ Capitol. Notably, The Catholic University of America is one of the very few Universities in the country and the world that teaches classical traditional architecture as a core part of its curriculum. The University also enjoys access to great examples of classical architectural heritage throughout the city from the Federal core to historic neighborhoods. The Catholic University of America has its own local history of classical and traditional forms as seen in works of ecclesiastical and campus architecture, one of which will be the focus of the measuring exercise. The class will begin with an overview presentation of measured drawing methodology and architectural precedents and then depart for the site of the measuring exercise, where participants will be able to measure and draw details.  This will include onsite feedback and demonstration work. At the conclusion, the drawings will be reviewed, discussed, and admired.

Taught by CJ Howard and Tommy Vince.

C.J. Howard is a practitioner at his own firm and full-time professor at the Catholic University of America.

Some of his research includes the documentation of classical and traditional heritage architecture with a particular focus in the Washington D.C. area. In 2019, Mr. Howard won the Leicester B. Holland Prize Competition for the complete documentation of the Lyceum building in Old Town Alexandria.

Mr. Howard has also been active on the subject of Monuments and Memorials by entering competitions and offering commentary and design proposals. Howard received recognition as the winning entry of a Contrabands’ and Freedmen’s Cemetery Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

As a professional architect, he has spent more than two decades practicing in the Washington, D.C. region, where he has had extensive experience working for firms nationally known for their commitment to classical and traditional design.

Mr. Howard has served as Lead Project Architect on major ecclesiastical, residential, civic and urban design projects. Some urban design projects include collaboration with the District Department of Transportation, to propose new visionary projects for our Nation’s Capitol.

Tommy Vince is a project designer at David M. Schwarz Architects in Washington DC. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture with a concentration in Classical Architecture and Urbanism from The Catholic University of America. In 2019, he received the David M. Schwarz Travel Fellowship where he studied the European Public Square and traveled to England, France, and Italy. He was fortunate to have received the Mark Ferguson Award and the Christopher H. Browne Scholarship to study with the ICAA in New York City, NY, Williamsburg, VA, and Rome, Italy. Tommy serves as the chairman of the L’Enfants, the young classicist of the Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter of the ICAA, as well as, a board member for the WMA Chapter. Tommy has taught at CUA’s School of Architecture and with the ICAA.