June 3, 2021

How a Classic Pattern Aligns with Beauty to Improve our Health and Well-Being

Event Time:
6:00 – 7:30 PM

Zoom (Link to be provided)


In this session, the presenter suggests a new, urgent effort is needed to refocus the direction of design to include the quality of beauty as a fundamental, overarching theme in two of man’s most important fields — the built and artistic environments. Beauty, Neuroscience & Architecture, Don Ruggles’ first book on the subject and winner of a Bronze Medal IPPY Award, details the neuroscientific connection between spending time in beautiful spaces and the impact on our health and well-being.  

In his presentation, he suggests that the utilization of a timeless pattern is more than traditional or contemporary, classical or modern. It’s about creating something that’s focused on the well-being and health of those who will be experiencing the design. He puts architects, builders and designers on notice to pay attention and use neuroscience, biology, psychology and architecture to create the new discipline of neuro-architectology. This method balances what is beautiful with what is exciting, allowing designers to begin to conceptualize our built environment to make us healthier and to improve our sense of well-being.