April 24, 2023

Robert Adam (1728-1792): The Power of Beauty at the Metropolican Museum of Art

ROBERT ADAM (1728 – 1792)
Monday, April 24, 2023
11:00am – 12:00pm
Exclusive Private Tour at the
Metropolitan Museum Of Art
New York, NY
Wolf Burchard, curator, will lead a private tour of Lansdowne House – Dining
Room, a Period Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The room was
designed in 1770 by Robert Adam (1728-1792), one of England’s most
important architects. Lansdowne was inspired by the palace of Diocletian in
Dalmatia. Originally located in London’s Berkley Square it is considered one
of the architect’s most beautiful homes.
Come experience the beautiful spirit of an antiquity room. The Dining Room
– Gallery, was built to showcase Adam’s client’s important antique statutes in
classical niches. His genius was infusing the spirit of antiquity with novelty
and variety in what is known as ‘The Adam Style.’
The young architect Robert Adam was thirty years old in 1757 when he
traveled to Spalatro in Dalmatia (modern-day Split, Croatia). He was on his
Grand Tour and traveled there from Italy. He went to record the 4th century
AD Roman palace, the Palace of Emperor Diocletian. The trip changed his
life. After his return to England his drawings were published in a book: Ruins
of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia,
(1764). Adam dedicates the book “To the King,” King George III. He praises
Diocletian, “who revived the Study of Architecture and excited the Matters of
that Art to emulate in their Works the Elegance and Purity of a better Age.” In
this dedication, Adam promises the King an “Age of Perfection that will
complete the Glories of your Reign, and fix an era no less remarkable than
that of Pericles, Augustus, or the Medicis.”
This tour of Robert Adam’s classically inspired room inspires architects and artists today.
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