In Your Neighborhood: Georgetown with Ankie Barnes

December 21, 2020



Join Ankie Barnes, co-founder of Barnes Vanze Architects and an ICAA Board Member, for a tour of the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

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Architect Ankie Barnes continues touring his neighborhood of Georgetown, and leads viewers through the area’s rich and complex history.

With a rich history that predates the establishment of Washington D.C. itself, Georgetown is renowned for its stone and brick buildings, reflecting its growth from an early trading and industrial center to its later status as a residential neighborhood. Join Ankie for a visit to architectural jewels and historic sites of Georgetown, including early warehouses, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the campus of Georgetown University, and much more.

Georgetown’s famous architectural heritage is not limited to the grand estates of Tudor Place and Dumbarton Oaks, though Ankie notes that visitors can enjoy fantastic strolls in the gardens. The neighborhood tour features a sobering visit to the Mount Zion and Female Union Band Society Cemetery, a burying ground established by a Black women’s society for slaves, freedmen, and Black citizens, and which holds a secret vault that sheltered slave refugees in their flight on the Underground Railroad. Finally, the tour concludes at Dumbarton Bridge, which connects Georgetown to D.C. via Q Street, and which monumentalizes Black design and Native iconography in a structure that Ankie calls “a truly American bridge.”