Application Guidelines

Program Criteria

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter is pleased to announce the 2019 John Russell Pope Awards celebrating excellence in classical architecture, interior design and landscape architecture.

The Awards are named for John Russell Pope, 1874-1937, best known as the architect of the Jefferson Memorial and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Pope’s additional significant works  include the National Archives Building, Constitution Hall, the Temple of the Scottish Right, and Woodend, a mansion in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He was born in New York and educated at the American School of Architecture in Rome (later called the American Academy in Rome) and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He was renowned for interpreting European classicism in a new, American form. As noted by architect and historian Stephen M. Bedford, Pope’s domestic and monumental architecture established him as a “leader in the development of highly refined and restrained American classicism.” The Awards recognize the best work of individuals who contribute to the creation of classical and traditional architecture in the Washington Mid Atlantic region.

Awards Categories

Residential New Construction – under 5000 square feet

Residential New Construction – over 5000 square feet

Residential Renovation – under 5000 square feet

Residential Renovation – over 5000 square feet

Landscape Design

Commercial & Institutional Design

Ecclesiastical Design

Urban Design

Historic Preservation

Interior Design


Student Award


The individual or firm submitting must be a member of the ICAA. One may join the ICAA at the time of submission online at

Projects must have a completion date no earlier than January 2014. Entries for the Urban Design category must be a commissioned project built or planned after January 2014; it may be unbuilt. Those projects submitted for the Landscape Design category must have a completion date no earlier than January 2004.

For applicants with offices within the ICAA Washington Mid Atlantic region of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C. the projects may be from any location worldwide. For applicants with offices outside the ICAA Washington Mid Atlantic Region, the projects must be located within Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

The individual or firm making the submission must have the approval of all parties with legal ownership of the project, the client, architect and/or designer of record or developer.

Those making the submission must have permission to use all photography and/or printed material contained within the submission. The ICAA and the ICAA Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter reserves the right to use all materials contained within the submission for promotional purposes in future printed and digital media including by featuring winning projects on the ICAA website,, ICAA awards book(s), and ICAA media announcements.

The Artisanship category encompasses the various handcrafted and/or fabrication trades involved in the execution and/or construction of a work of architecture, interior design or landscape.

The Student Award will be considered in any of the eleven submission categories of architecture, historic preservation, landscape design, interior design, urban planning, and artisanship. The submission must portray an original design produced by the entrant while he or she was enrolled as a student in an institution such as a university, community college, trade school, or high school program within the specified timeframe. The submission may not include field sketching, drafting or rendering of built works. Students (only) may apply at reduced cost. Cost to apply for the Student Award is $25.

Projects may only be submitted for adjudication in a single category. If the jury believes a project has been submitted for consideration in a category incorrectly they may move the application into a category in which it might receive consideration.

Entry Procedures and Requirements

The entry and application fee will be submitted online beginning in November 2018.

1.  A brief statement, 300 words maximum, summarizing significant features of the project, site, landscape and any details necessary to convey the significance of the project to the jury.

2.  Photographs of significant views along with plans, sections, and details to explain the project to the jury. All photographs and drawings should include a brief caption. A maximum of 20 pages/images can be submitted in .jpeg or .pdf format. Photos submitted for judging should be named using the following convention: Project Name_(Photo, Plan, Elevation, Section, Perspective)_# .

3.  Nothing should be included in a submission that identifies the firm or individual making the submission.

Failure to meet any of the specified entry requirements could result in disqualification; if disqualified entry fee is non-refundable. The entrant will be notified, upon completion of the initial submission, with details for subsequent submissions.


Submissions for the 2019 John Russell Pope Awards will be accepted beginning in November 2018.

Jury Process

The jury will represent the disciplines of architecture, landscape design and interior design. The Jury will not live or have offices in the geographic area of the ICAA Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter but will be familiar with the ICAA and our mission. The submission will not be seen or handled independently of the organizers to maintain anonymity. The Jury has full authority to choose a winner or winners for each category or create additional categories if the submission(s) as appropriate. If submissions do not meet the expected level of excellence as deemed so by the Jurors, certain categories may go unfilled.

Notification of Winners

Winners of the John Russell Pope Awards will be notified by mail prior to the event, and recognized at an evening ceremony held March 30, 2019 at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C. The winners are expected to attend or send a representative in their place. The winning parties agree to keep the results confidential until after the ceremony.  The winning entries will be displayed on the ICAA Washington Mid Atlantic website and in print and digital media.


All submissions for the 2019 Awards are due by 11:59 p.m. on January 11, 2019.


Should you have any questions, please contact David Hathcock at